Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall Colours and wish list

It's October now and time for some fall colours to be added in to your wardrobe.
It's currently 29c in Tokyo... :/ 
I'd love to start wearing some of my new fall pieces but I'd be sweating and getting weird looks on the streets lol

Here are some of my fall pieces that I got that I can probably wear right now and my wish list!
Im usually a monotone kinda person, but during fall I like to add some colours and give it some accent colours. My favourites are burgundy, mustard, dark dark purple and blue... :)

Here are the things that I've bought recently:

HELMUT LANG, leather belt wrap top

ASH, Genius black booties
LIMI FEU drop crotch pants   

BUTTER london WALLIS and BLUEY polish
                    CHANEL 509 Paradoxal polish

On to my wish list :)

T by ALEXANDER WANG classic Tee and twist skirt

Both sucha Alexander Wang classic look!
Super comfortable slouchy tee! It also comes in blue, black, mustard, white, grey...

ASH, Candy prune booties
I just LOVE LOVE this colour! I usually wear black so i think this prune red will add an accent to my outfit!

What do all of you think? Any wish list for the fall/winter??


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