Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn boots

Hello all of the fashionistas out there ♥

I just recently bought a pair of booties from ASH, but I just can't get my eyes off autumn boots and booties out there!
Since my wardrobe is mainly dark tone I usually stick with black shoes.
The recent pair from ASH were black too... :/ (Actually my favourite booties from ROSEGOLD were starting to fall a part so wanted to get something similar)
Here are some of the boots I have my eyes on!


DIESEL dark blue/green heels
DIESEL booties
ASH prune booties

ASH dark purple booties


LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the detail on the heels for ALEXANDER WANG and the beautiful colours of the ASH boots!
Im dying to buy another pair...but being a student sure wont let me :(

Which one is your favourite! Let me know!


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